Are you looking to create a Wikipedia page for Artists? Here is the complete guide to creating a Wikipedia page for artists. Wiki Publisher Inc also offer the Wikipedia page creation service. let’s start…

Out of 6 key Wikipedia Standards to create a Wikipedia page for Artists, NOTABILITY is the most significant as well as the most difficult-to-achieve standard.

When you’re bombarded with the threats of Wikipedia page deletion because apparently, you’re not “notable” enough, you ask yourself questions like ‘what dignifies a notable artist?’ or ‘To Wikipedia, what level of popularity in the public realm is notable enough?’

Even the established artists like Grammy Nominated band The Blue Riddim got their Wikipedia Page deleted because guess what? the band is not popular enough. They are the only American reggae band to ever make it to Grammy and have a track record of successful tours, for God’s sake.

The point is, sometimes it feels like the game of luck. Many not-so-established artists have their Wikipedia pages up and running while others with huge fan-base are struggling to get past the scary new page patrollers.

Consider Gregory Alan Isakov, who is Colorado-based artist – not so famous at all- but the boy has got a Wikipedia entry.

Create A Wikipedia Page For Artists

wikipedia page for artists
Wikipedia page for artists

In this blog post, I will talk about how to achieve trackable notability that will help you create a Wikipedia page for artists and get it approved in no time.

Spoiler: It is something more than having your albums released, your books being best-sellers, or your art pieces making millions.

But let’s talk about why does it even matter.

Why the f*** Wikipedia is so important for your VISIBILITY Anyway?

Wikipedia is to encyclopedias what Maggie is to all South Asian noodles.

If somebody mentions the’ encyclopedia’ in a conversation, you’ll always think about Wikipedia first. Wikipedia is also the top 5 on Google results. Hubspot rightfully calls it the channel for brand awareness.

Wikipedia Makes you Visible

When we say it is on top 5 Google results, the visibility part clears itself. Let’s say your friend from Colorado tells you about our cowboy Gregory and you simply Google him and find his Wikipedia page in all its glory right below his official website. That actually makes him look impressive.

This leads us to our next point.

Wikipedia Builds Authority

wiki page creator
wiki page creator

When you see an artist’s website and a Wikipedia page in SERPs, you’re already convinced about his mastery. You also want to check his work to see if he is worth it. In this way, Wikipedia has not only convinced people of your authority as an artist, but you also have a new potential fan who might get so impressed that he creates a twitter fan account to promote you. Who knows?

Wikipedia Helps Generate Revenue

Visibility leading to authority that in turn leads to revenue generation. The formula is simple.

More fans = more sales.

How to Become a Notable Artist for the Majesty, Wikipedia?

In a sentence, I will explain it as “don’t focus on only being famous but trackable famous”. It means every step of your career is documented somewhere.

Here are few tips that will help you be remembered in history no matter if you’re just a regional artist or have BTS level mania.

Authentic Citations (No, not blog posts)

Wikipedia is an encyclopedia that focuses on authentic citations. One of the very first things that make the Wikipedia authorities run for the delete button is seeing things like blogs, Youtube, Facebook, or MySpace in the reference lists. That is such a turn-off. Anybody can create a Youtube video and mention you, so can a Facebook page or a random blog post on a random website.

These sources do not help you “prove” what you say and you should always prove what you say to create a Wikipedia page for artists.

Note: Let’s be clear about one thing here, this advice is not for artists just starting.

What to do?

wikipedia page creation service
Wikipedia page creation service

Get media play. Invest in the press talking about your accomplishments. Get featured in digital or print media.

It is the cruel reality that if media – authentic media- doesn’t care, Wikipedia behaves like an artist doesn’t exist. 

  • Therefore, look to get featured.
  • Look for something more than blog posts.
  • Radio interviews, renowned podcasts, shows, etc.

For referencing, zines also work. If you do not have print zines to use as references to create a Wikipedia page for artists, you should look to get some interviews done with e-zines that can be cited. However, as much as Wikipedia hates blogs as references, zines are no different. The line that differentiates them is thin. 

If you do not have things like these, Wikipedia is not something you should focus on yet.

Work on developing the tracks but always remember you do not have to be a Wembly selling star to get a Wikipedia page. If your Wikipedia page for the artist is accurate and authentically sourced, the chances of it taken off pretty much hit zero.

The other challenge you might face during the journey of notability is that media centers like Pitchfork and Stereogram don’t consider it if as a musician, your genre is not – let’s say, traditional. You will have hundreds of thousands of fans but because you don’t produce or work on something mainstream, they don’t think it matters.

Game of Luck, again.

Nevertheless, get out of hypotheticality and grow concretely and you’re set to go. 

Concluding Statement

I share the sentiment with you if you think this whole concept of Wikipedia stressing over “notability” to create a Wikipedia page for artists is ridiculous. I consider it a very subjective matter. It is understandable considering the sheer number of independent artists out there but to me, it is overdone. Maybe, Wikipedia would be better served if they focus more on policing their concepts of ‘neutral’, ‘factual’ and ‘unbiased’ overlooking mere notability.

However, notability is the necessary evil and in the process of sustaining Wikipedia’s worthy notability, you strengthen your marketing endeavors and start paying more attention to the business processes.

If you’re positive about you being eligible to create a Wikipedia page for artists, let us guide through a process to adhere to other standards that involve writing, editing, translating, and updating the page.

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