Caveat: You can create a Wikipedia page for company only if your company or organization is notable. Before zeroing in on creating a Wikipedia page, check their notability standards.

Wikipedia is one of the significant and authentic third-party sources for your website’s ranking. The presence of Wikipedia page for your company on SERPs increases brand awareness, builds brand authority, and boosts website traffic. It is almost a rule of thumb to trust the relevancy and authenticity of a brand or company if their Wikipedia page shows up in SERPs.

If your company meets the notability expectations of Wikipedia and you have plenty of authentic sources to cite, it is time to create a Wikipedia page for the company.

Note: Wikipedia does not appreciate a company creating its own Wikipedia page because it has more chances of data fabrication and bias. If someone has already published your company’s page, there are also limitations to how you can edit it if there is false information.

If you’re familiar with rules and are here to understand the process in a much simpler way than how Wikipedia explains it, you will not be disappointed.

In this post, I’ll help you create a Wikipedia page for the company through a step-by-step hassle-free process.

How to create Wikipedia Page for Company?

  • The process is simple.
  • Go to Wikipedia, choose your preferred language, and sign-up.
  • You will be asked for a user-name, email (optional), and a password.
  • Right after, you’ll be prompted by Wikipedia to edit some flagged-for-improvement pages.
  • This is called Wikipedia’s guidelines for Autoconfirmed Users.
You can edit a Wikipedia page by clicking on a little [edit] option at the top of each paragraph.

You have to at least make 10 edits to become an autoconfirmed user because typically, a 3 to 4 days old account with at least 10 edits is authorized to create a Wikipedia page.

Wikipedia says it like “Although the precise requirements for autoconfirmed status vary according to circumstances, most English Wikipedia user account that is more than four days old have made at least 10 edits (including deleted ones) are considered autoconfirmed”.

 After becoming an autoconfirmed user and understanding Wikipedia’s open-source editing model, you’re ready to create a Wikipedia page for your company.

But before going to “Write an Article” Wikipedia page, make sure you have done your research.

Find Internal Wikipedia Mentions of Your Company

wikipedia writers
Wikipedia writers

If you run a notable company, there will be at least one if not many mentions of your company or brand in one of the Wikipedia pages. If there is no interlinking mention of your brand, your Wikipedia page will be labeled as ‘orphan’ which can subject it to instant deletion.

In this case, stick to creating Wikipedia infobox. In this way, a summary of your company shows up in the SERPs when it is searched online by its name.

You can also use an outstanding orphan page using all the authoritative citations from news, scholarly articles, or famous publications. However, the fear of deletion will haunt you.

Assemble Citations

Keeping Wikipedia’s ‘notability’ and ‘objective POV’ guidelines in view, collect all the authentic sources you are going to cite on your Wikipedia page for the company. Also, collect all the data you are going to mention about your company on the page, from inception to today.

Finally, Create Your Page

Now that you have all the information you need to write a not-so-easy-to-delete Wikipedia page for a company, go to “Writing an Article” page of Wikipedia.

  • Read everything from top to bottom because you will find it crucial.
  • Now, scroll right down and find “Article Wizard” blue bottom in the “Create Your Draft” section at almost the bottom of the page.
  • Click “Next”, enter your “draft name” and proceed.
  • Here, you will be inundated with all instructions once again.
  • If this blue box re-appears, you’ve forgotten to get autoconfirmed.
  • Ignore all the instructions (because you have already read them twice) and scroll down.

Start Writing, Editing, Crafting, Organizing

wikipedia page creation services
Wikipedia page creation services

Now, you have all the information you need to write a Wikipedia page for company, it is time to organize and structure it.

You need to present it in a way that is readable, attractive (in its own way), visual, and completely organized.

You can add as much or as little information about your company.

It is advised to write a brief but comprehensive summary of your company in the third person right on the top so it gives a quick overview of your company to new visitors.

Read about the objectivity rule of Wikipedia, here.

Also, understand that you need to organize your content in a way that can help both new visitors, as well as familiar visitors, get to know your company.

Add Citations and Interlinks

  • Use all the citation sources and Wikipedia mentions you found about your brand or company.
  • Do your magic, add images (Wikipedia loves them), and review what you have created.
  • After a couple of revisions when you are satisfied, submit your page for Approval.

If you have written an impeccable page with the authentic and objective point of view with credible citations, there are high chances of your Wikipedia page for your company getting approved.


The work is not done yet.

Post-Page-Publishing Mess

  • Your page is live but what if someone edits the information or worse, vandalize it?
  • If you leave your company’s Wikipedia page alone, a few weeks or even days later, you might not even find it.
  • It is as important to monitor and update your company’s Wikipedia page as it is to create one.
  • Your company’s reputation depends on it and you cannot gamble on that.

Keep your page up-to-date by adding the progress and new citations, edit it whenever needed, and make sure everything is compliant to Wikipedia’s standards and you will be good.

Another important thing to remember is that Wikipedia does not appreciate companies editing their profiles. A year ago, a scandal rose up and several industry bigwigs were blamed to fabricate the information on their Wikipedia pages. Practices and news like these make your customers question your authenticity which directly influences customer loyalty.

You do not want to ride that boat.r

The best way to deal with issues like these is to be as transparent as possible, use your failures as your plus point, and don’t give anybody a chance to use them to your disadvantage.

If you cannot deal with the complexities coming with creating a Wikipedia page for your company, hire someone who has time and expertise to tackle it.

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