Have you ever noticed that you unconsciously look for a Wikipedia page when you search about something supposedly popular– a company or a celebrity? You have also heard the fabricated rumor that Wikipedia is NOT a reliable source of information. Still, your mind validates the popularity of something by the existence of a Wikipedia page in the search engine results pages (SERPs). That, my friend, is the magic of long-taught collective conditioning that shapes behaviors.

You open a Wikipedia page, read it – maybe not everything but you scan the information. You get curious and might also check the linked article about the childhood of your favorite athlete or how bad of a husband your favorite pop singer was or maybe how much struggle a CEO had to go through to bring a company where it is now.

YOUR customers’ or fans’ brains work the same way. They are conditioned to validate you by a Wikipedia page on Google SERPs. They are also very, very curious. Even if they do not open the page, just seeing it out there offers the desired validation and provides your customers with enough information to trust you.

If you successfully create a Wikipedia page, it cannot only bring your plethora of web-traffic but also encourage brand loyalty. The more you know about something, the longer you remember it and you can identify that subject among the crowd of thousands.

Marketing is done right without even doing it intentionally!

What is a Wikipedia Page anyway?

wikipedia writer
Wikipedia writer

“Wikipedia is a multilingual online encyclopedia created and maintained as an open collaboration project by a community of volunteer editors, using a wiki-based editing system”.

A Wikipedia page defines a company or personality that it is in its true meaning and how the public perceives it since it is openly editable. People from every profession use it as a free source of information about everything and anything and it can be accessed easily, ready to be used as a source of reference.

Wikipedia page has become the data-base for the historical-figures, scientists, authors, politicians, big companies, and also for pop-culture representatives.

A good Wikipedia page is well-written, does not have copyrighted content, covers a notable topic comprehensively in an encyclopedia-style language, has accurate information with illustrative touch, and has authentic citing sources.

Now, the question is…

HOW do you get a PUBLISHED Wikipedia page?

On March 1st, 2020, Wikipedia had a total of 30 BILLION media requests. It will be surprising if I tell you Wikipedia has only 56 thousand top rated articles evaluated on the base of the quality and importance of the content. While others do not have any certainty if they will live longer under different alarming“banners” or will face permanent deletion.

As Wikipedia is openly editable, every page has an average of 18 edits.

Administrative, editors, bots, and any registered user can edit the information on a Wikipedia page.

A page with an edit warning is considered unstable by Wikipedia which can eventually lead to deletion of the page if not dealt right. Therefore, following Wikipedia Standards is the ONLY thing you need to do to create a Wikipedia page.

It is as simple as that. You follow the rules and you get published.

The mind-boggling competition is not the problem if you have adhered to Wikipedia standards properly.

According to Wikipedia’s rules and regulations, a good page is:

hire wikipedia editor
hire Wikipedia editor
  • Well-written (following the standard format and style of writing)
  • Verifiable with no original research (Authentic and notable)
  • Broad in its coverage (Doesn’t have unnecessary information)
  • Neutral (Does not promote and written without editorial bias)
  • Stable (Does not require continuous editing)
  • Illustrated (supported by media)

2nd point is the most important one.

Wikipedia has a strict policy of “notability”.

Are you popular enough? Are people searching for you online and want to know more about you?

Simply put, are you an author of something popular? Done something for a country? Been elected to an office? Done something scientifically important? Are paid to play sports? Run a big company? Have been starred in a popular publication? Have a hit movie or jammable song in your career? Or have you been jailed because you did something important but illegal? (yes, you have to be important enough).

Is there enough written about reputable sources that can be cited easily just the way Wikipedia requires? Media coverage, success stories, anything?

To Wikipedia, notability is about authoritative third-party sources of biographical information which are not created by you.

To explain it well, if you have good PR, you can easily qualify to create a Wikipedia page.

Why outsourcing is a better option?

hire a wikipedia writer
hire a wikipedia writer

Maintaining a stable and accurate presence on Wikipedia over-time is a demanding, time-consuming, and unpredictable process. It is challenging, frustrating, and daunting not only for corporates with a strict schedule but for everyone without adequate knowledge. With the frustration of getting your Wikipedia page protected from a security breach and random inaccurate edits, it can affect your overall business performance or, perhaps, your sanity. Who has time to keep an eye on the page ALL the time?

Hiring an exclusive in-house Wikipedia expert can also be a little complicated with all the resources cost and unnecessary expenses.

Outsourcing creation and management of your Wikipedia page to an agency with Wikipedia experts does not only save you a lot of time and money but also guarantees a stable and protected online presence. They are experts who have years of in-field experience and have a history of published pages that ensure the success of the project. It gives you enough reasons to spend a little on outsourcing.

Among many reasons why you should invest a little on your Wikipedia presence, the following are a few:

The Tone of Writing is Important

Proper knowledge of the writing tone, styles, and formatting needed for a quality Wikipedia page is the most significant expertise you need to create a Wikipedia page. Wikipedia is not a promotional website. One wrong line and your article are rejected instantly.

Expert writers have mastered that tone, style, and formatting by writing for years in the field which reduces the chances of error to zero.

Experts can Help You with Notability

What if you have done all the hard work and in the end, you are informed that you are not notable enough to create a Wikipedia page? If you consult the experts, they will analyze the information provided and inform you beforehand if you qualify or not which saves you a lot of time and money.

Being Objective is the Key

As Wikipedia requires entirely neutral content, you need to stay objective while writing, just like an outsider. You cannot twist the information and write it like a brochure. When you hand out accurate information with citing sources to an expert, they write it like a third person telling your story, objectively. Just like Wikipedia requires it for the successful creation of your page.

Editing and Updating

Writing and creating a Wikipedia page does not conclude the process. Having an effective Wikipedia page is an ongoing process. As Wikipedia is open to public editing, anybody can edit the information which is definitely a horror if you have spent years in creating that reputation and someone blows it up in a second. Experts write it better so the content does not require editing. If it does, they keep an eye on the edits and take care of it when it is needed. Wikipedia also requests updates from time to time. Special Wikipedia experts also take care of it.

Monitoring of Wikipedia Page

You might not have the resources needed to properly monitor the Wikipedia page. If you outsource the project to someone who knows what he is doing using updated tools and technology, they will provide you with services that worth the value.

Concluding Statement:

Wikipedia page can be the backbone of your digital marketing campaign if it is done right. It is known for cataloging what is important and people trust the encyclopedia for it does not create importance for something. It powers up your SEO and increases your brand visibility and authority online. However, if it is not done right, it can be disastrous for your reputation. As public editing option provides anyone with an opportunity to clinically analyze your triumphs and failures and vandalize it, dealing with aftermaths can be daunting. This is why it is better to let the experts deal with the technical process of creating a Wikipedia page.

Wiki Publishers is one of the leading agencies that provide exceptional services to create a Wikipedia page and successfully get it published. We offer a range of services from writing, editing, translating to the monitoring of your Wikipedia page overtime in the money you won’t mind paying. To check out more, visit our website.

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